What happens if you don’t Shut Down your Computer Properly

Shutting Down a Computer isn’t complicated at all, right? or is it? Yeah, every one of us knows how to shut a Computer. Here’s how you do it. Shut Down Properly after Reading this!

  1. Click on start and Shutdown like a normal person would do.
  2. Click and hold your power button for eternity until it shuts down.
  3. Using your Computer until it runs out of power.

Everything’s fine with you doing that, But have you ever wondered what happens if you ignore these messages?

Close Programs Before shutting down

Yeah, I know your intention is to shut down your Computer and don’t want any of those messages whatsoever but it is not the issue here. Shutting down a computer is not very easy at least for the computer.

Computer Undergoes a series of steps from you giving a command to shut down to it actually shutting down. We know what an operating system means, It is a program which controls and properly execute other Programs and Applications right?

So It is the operating system’s duty to shut down every Application before it shuts itself.

The thing here is that When you click on Shut down button this Operating system sends sleep messages to Other programs which are running currently.

But not all programs are created equal. Some Programs are Lightweight and can execute this very fastly, but many Power Hungry programs like Adobe software, games and Other Designing software take very long to respond to this and you often have unsaved work this makes this process even longer.

Registry Editor in Windows 10

So windows suggest saving any unsaved work on your Computer If you ignore this message then your data is gone for good. Many times windows try to prevent this by saving them anyway or record the log files which are being changed in worst cases your data will never return. So wise thing would be to saving the unsaved work before shutting down the Computer.

And we are being optimistic until now seeing only one side of the coin but sometimes these things may happen(Worst case scenarios). When a Program is going through an update and you shut down the PC ignoring the delay messages then there is a good chance of corrupt files and programs because if directories of apps are middle of a process and they are stopped halfway then the program won’t work anymore.

This is one thing and the other one is Honestly most of us do this Shutting Down the computers when it is in the middle of a System Update. This is a really serious thing, like if you Force shut down the Computer when an Update is going on then you will result in half-written system-registry files.

Which sometimes results in Broken Permissions for system apps and can also prevent your computer from Booting up again.

So, Don’t do the mistake twice the last one may result in complete loss of data and reinstallation of Windows. So Shut down your Computer Properly, I know it takes some time but believe me it’s the wise thing to do.

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