4 Ways to share your live Location

Imagine getting to a Place and you have a friend to navigate. Believe me, it’s going to be a pain for everyone unless you are a great Navigator. But the question is why to navigate if your apps are going to do that for you? But trust me you are not going to download any specifically dedicated Live location sharing apps but which everyone already has.

Okay, What is “Live” Location sharing?

It definitely doesn’t deviate from usual Location sharing unless you are ‘moving’. Imagine you are meeting a person and he is roaming around and a Location sharing doesn’t do. You need what is called a Live Location sharing which means you are sharing the Real-time location of you(Your Phone).

How does Live Location sharing work?

It is quite easy a mechanism. One might say it uses the same thing as Pokemon go! yes, it does. It combines the functionality of Maps and your GPS. So, been said if you want to stop sharing your location be free to off your GPS, It Works well.

Apps with Live Location Sharing Functionality

As being said, This is not a Newly added feature but Honestly, some of these were not so good when they were introduced. They got better now though. It’s your preference which one you want to use.

Live Location sharing on Whatsapp

Whatsapp announced this feature in late 2017. This works as expected and WhatsApp being one of the most popular messengers on both Android and iOS you can pretty much use this with anyone. Like, Who doesn’t have a WhatsApp these days? To use Open a chat. Click on attach file icon and choose location option. Click on Share live Location. You can also choose the duration of the location sharing. Click on send.

Live Location sharing on Messenger

Messenger added this feature in March last year. To use Tap on the Plus’+’ icon, choose the location then its pretty simple just click on Share live location. But note that the time duration for this only 60 min. To stop sharing the location Stop Sharing.

Live Location Sharing on Google Maps

Google maps, unlike a messenger it allows you to share location in any Social Messaging app. If your Messaging app doesn’t have Live location functionality Built-in then this is your go-to choice. To begin Open Google Maps click on the Menu ‘Sandwich Icon’ tap on Location Sharing Click on Get Started, Here you get to choose the duration and there is an option ‘Until you turn this off’ then select how you want to share. You can also stop Location sharing in a similar fashion.

Live Location Sharing on Telegram

Despite my friends and family being on WhatsApp, I like using Telegram very much. It’s sleek and muted design and colour palette makes it very clean and fun to use. Coming to Location sharing, Telegram allows you to share your accurate location for a duration. I used ‘accurate’ to say as accurate as 5meters. To use Open a chat and click on the attachment icon, then choose Location to click on send your accurate location directly or choose time duration.

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