The ‘Must Have’ Resources For Every Internet Marketer

Wanting to be an entrepreneur or a digital marketer, either way, you should know about these Resources which make your daily chores a lot easier.

Every tool mentioned here will help you get the hell of load done with ease. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it.

Note: This list covers resources which are useful for most of the Internet marketers out there, but check out which works for you the best.

The best resources for Internet Marketing

This article is partitioned into

  1. Productivity
  2. Competition
  3. Publishing
  4. Trend


Maybe an entrepreneur or an internet marketer, this is the most important aspect in any of the working discipline. It’s the measure of how much effort you are putting in any of your works. It doesn’t matter how many hours you are working what does matter is how much work you are getting done.

here are some of the best productivity resources you might need


If you are working with a team tracking the things is the most important thing you should never forget doing. Asana is one of the best and easiest platforms out there to track teams progress. Visit


Team collaboration made easy! I personally use slack to get work done and share public files. It has a great collection of native platform cloud tools which offers a very smooth cloud performance. It is used on a large scale of companies to manage their progress. Visit

Both Slack and Asana have apps for most of the cross platforms out there and they work fantastic on the web as well.

Let’s get into the self-productivity,

For tracking your self-goals and tasks you should create a customized atmosphere to work on and you can achieve this by these apps. These apps are also called commitment apps, which defines itself.


It is a great and simple to-do list interface which has a native app in almost every Operating system like windows and android which really helps a ton when you can track your goals from just like everywhere. It’s one of my personal recommendations. It’s very simple interface and priority ranking sets it apart from any other app. Visit

If you don’t want an app this serious then you can still use simple notes like Google Keep, it’s very minimalistic and sleek. Visit Google Keep


Competition is the essence of any business or marketing. It is a direct proportionality to what we call demand. Your business to totally depends on this aspect right here you can’t just let go this one. Don’t worry, here I am bringing you the best to track your competitors and your position among them.


This is a free (and pro) service which lets you check your competitor’s rankings and yours too. Free Account gives you a serp bot which gives you the scope of checking your positions on google which is refreshed on 24 hours. Visit

It’s pretty straightforward and does the trick but if you need extra information you might need this.


Semrush is an invaluable resource for any internet marketer. “You will get what you pay for” You will get everything you need. Semrush is evolving at an incredible speed so does its users. You can spy on your competitors, you can apply effective methods like paid traffic etc. Visit


Ahrefs on the other side will give much broader insight about backlinks and your websites’ Internet presence and social media presence. It’s digital gold for marketing. Although its paid it gives the best insights for what you pay. You can steal your Competitors’ Links or spy on them. Visit

If You are a Budding Internet Marketer and these Paid services don’t cut it, if need free Services which gets the job done we got you covered. 

Moz Toolbar – Provides Page insights in both Google Search results and specific page. Visit

Openlinkprofiler – A Free Link analysis tool for your page and your competitors. Despite being free it gets the job done for beginners.


Some Internet Marketers say “Content is king” but it doesn’t alone gets the job done. Quality and Originality of your content always makes a mark in your readers’ mind. On the long run Content is the only thing which makes the readers to followers. If you are planning on the long-term content is the most important thing you should focus on.

here are some Publishing tools which does a great job


WordPress is the best content publishing tools out there. The pay does surely worth it. WordPress is the synonym for customization. If you want your site to stand out in crowd WordPress is a great choice, You probably can’t go wrong with this one. I Personally recommend it using. Visit


If you are a Blog writer and want a Sleek looking blogging platform with all most everything set up for you already? then you can’t possibly go wrong with Medium. Its minimalistic look works perfectly if you are looking for one. Although you can’t advertise your blog with ads, this is the only one flaw which I found. Visit

Who said only quality content can cut it. TED-“Ideas worth sharing” isn’t it. When your blog is isolated user finds it very difficult to look or find. So, Social Sharing plays a major role. here’s one you might need


The- The best app out there for sharing your content with the audience. It takes a moment or two to set up and just see magic happening. Buffer allows you to post and schedule posting the updates about your blog in all social media accounts at once. which saves a ton of time for you. You can post the same update for your google+, Facebook and Twitter at the same time. Visit


For staying on the top charts you should be evolving with the same pace as the web. For staying in competition you should know whats happening right now. These are my picks for best trend exploring Blogs and resources

Google Trends – People say it all through searches. Visit google trends

Mashable – see whats on the trend of social media. Visit

Ars Technica – Read all latest stories on the internet. Visit

Copyblogger – When it comes to content copyblogger is the best pick. Visit

Kissmetrics – Online Marketing and SEO optimization. Visit

If you are looking for SEO Blogs here you got some,

  1. SEO Book
  2. Search Engine Journal
  3. Moz
  4. Search Engine Watch
  5. Search Engine Land

Other Important mentions.

Tool Feast

Best Resource for finding low competitive, long tail keywords for easy ranking. It’s absolutely free for everyone. Visit

Gooogle – A lot of Google tools down here

  1. Analytics
  2. Adwords
  3. Adsense
  4. Webmaster tools
  5. – Best resource on this list

Rounding up

Start your journey of becoming a Great Internet marketer today. With all these great tools at your disposal, you can become very efficient and productive. I personally use most of these tools for Content production.

I would be really glad to hear from you guys, how these tools helped you. Feel free to share this content anywhere but, Make sure you leave a proper credit with a link to this Page.

Between the initial draft, edits & publishing, this article took a total of 8 hours, 30 minutes.

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