How to Remove Ransomware for your Computer

Actually, Ransomware is a system malware which uses your computer or whole server (if you are connected) as a hostage. Thereby commands Money(Ransom) Note for getting access to your computer’s data. With Ransomware intact you can’t access your data and it threatens you by the worst case by which it completely removes the data under its influence.

Okay before we suggest you the Ransomware Removal, it would be helpful to you for classifying the Ransomware by which your computer is infected.Unfortunately, we can only remove Non-File encrypting Ransomware.

As I said earlier, there are many kinds of Ransomware which your computer probably is infected with. There is some Ransomware which can be removed and some not. Okay, let’s get into them.

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Scareware is a type of Ransomware which will threaten you like doing something like delete your files or injecting bots which will gain your Data access.

If your computer is accessed by this type of Ransomware we can easily delete it by using Anti-malware and defending software which will completely regain access to your computer. But, it only makes your content harder to access from the same operating system.

So what you want to do is to remove the infected disk and insert into another non-infected computer which will give your Data back to you.

Screen-locking Ransomware

Screen-locking Ransomware is malware which takes access of your Computer’s Operating System as keeping it as a Hostage until you pay a Ransom. By which you will be provided with a code which can give your access back.

This actually is mistaken for System Freeze because of lag but it isn’t. This will make you impossible to access your Operating System by any means.

File-encrypting Ransomware

This is one of the most dangerous Ransomware we all fear most about. Unlike other Ransomware like Scareware and Screen-locking Ransomware, this actually does encrypt your files and makes them merely impossible to access them.

This Encrypt the Files and Protect it with a code or a key which makes us impossible to crack within billions of possibilities with the characters. These are one of the most promising Ransomware which can’t be reverted back.

How to get rid of the Ransomware

Some Software which will help you revert this Ransomware include these

Trendmicro’s Ransomware Removal Tool

Kaspersky’s Ransomware Decryptor Site

AVG’s Ransomware Decryptor Tools


Only way to protect your Files from Ransomware is by keeping copies or backups of them which will ensure the maximum safety of them even with the original defected.

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