How to Partition the Disk Volumes in Windows

Partition Disks in Windows

Using a Single Hard-disk is painful, isn’t it? like going through folders and not finding the file you need. Previously the computers are only used to make calculations and store data, But now it’s completely different. We use it for everything like way too much you could imagine. We Install Programs, Store Media, Play games and what not.

So computers are not like in the olden days. Now, we do so many things and If we don’t differentiate between what is a music file and whats Office Document there will be a huge mess. Whoever you are I recommend Partitioning the disk to meet your needs.

Well, everyone. But, it is a must need for people who design or code. As files increase it will start to clutter and become a huge mess. Any of us don’t want it, so Let us get started. Manage System Settings Partition the Disk Volumes in Windows

How to Partition Disk Volumes in Windows

    1. Open File Explorer. Right Click on “This PC” in the sidebar.
    2. Click on manage with a Shield Logo on it.You will now see new dialog Computer Management opened up.
    3. Click on Disk Management until Storage.Here is where you can see All your Disks. Make sure not to touch the Disk 0 because it contains the firmware which runs your PC.
    4. If you are having free space on a disk and you want to split the room then right click on the Folder you want to split.
    5. Click on Shrink Volume, Enter the size of the new disk you want to create. But one thing here you should type in the storage values in MB in binary
    6. So I have left a GB to MB Binary Converter. Feel free to use it!
    7. Then you have an Unallocated space right click on it and click on New Simple Volume
    8. In setup Click on Next and another Next then assign a Drive letter. Then click on next.
    9. Create a Volume label which will be your Drive name. Then Click on finish.

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There you go you have completed Creating your New Drive. This can be done over and over depending on your needs and of course the space you have on your PC. This is very Easy to do and I am confident that you will organize your things in the similar fashion.

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