Enable Hibernate Mode in Windows 10

Are you running out of battery options for your Windows 10 PC? Officially back in Windows 7 and Mainly every Windows 8 version out there in the market has a Power option similar to sleep. Remember it? The Hibernate Mode!

Yep! it’s the Hibernate option which is a cousin of sleep option but, in rather in my opinion it’s quite better and may come handy in many situations as well. But unfortunately, Windows 10 has not activated Hibernate option by default; which is why you may not find it in the power off options.

So it’s another Windows 10 guide article about Windows 10 power options. I will try to cover Everything you need to know about Power Options.

Without any further ado let’s get started.

Firstly, #QF

What is Hibernate option and How is it Different from good old Sleep option?

Hibernate is quite or very similar to sleep, which means it will save or at least leave where you left like sleep but unlike sleep, it reduces the battery consumption to almost zero.

How can I retrieve my saved work back?

It’s just like leaving things where they are and shutting down the PC. So, just turn on the PC how you would do it normally and you are back where you left.

So let’s get into the Article.

For this we need to open Default Control Panel app. then follow this navigation

Control Panel\Hardware and Sound\Power Option

Here you will have the following options

Choose what happens when you close your lid.

Exclusively For Laptops when you close the lid there will be some default action like sleep or lock. But if you think it sleeps too fast while your intention was only to lock the PC? So to help with the fast sleep issues you can set the timer for when your laptop should sleep. You got two things to choose when your Laptop is on Battery and when it is on Charging.

System Power Settings Windows 10 Hibernate

How to enable Hibernate option.

Click on choose what the power button does. Then click on Change settings that are currently Unavailable. Then Under Shutdown Settings, you will find Hibernate click on the tick bar. You are done! Now when you click on the power button You will find the newly added Hibernate Button.

Don’t click on it yet, We have one other thing to share

How to enable and disable Night Light.

With Windows 10 we have got many useful add-ons we might say which are not available in previous versions. We can got New Night Light feature.

Night Light Feature in Windows 10 Hibernate

Night Light is a feature which became very popular these days because of the over usage of the Smartphones and Computers. Theory says that Screen of the Smartphones and Computers emit Blue light which makes you stay at night. You will ultimately Become sleep deprived. So, Night Light changes you screen visual temperature to hot which means from blue to orange which sends your brain sleep signals.

Click on the search button and type Night Light. Click on it you will have The Turn on button and Colour Temperature at Night which is pretty straightforward. And If you use your computer every day then you can also set a schedule at which Night Light should activate. This is a good feature and worth trying.


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