How to Flash A Custom ROM

Coming across the pros and cons of Android? then one important and beautiful feature of Android is flashing a custom ROM. This might seem a bit difficult for beginners but it’s quite simple to install a custom ROM.

Why Custom ROM? QF

Android is one of the most flexible and popular os out there for mobile phones. Android brings Functionality and features to your device which other OS can’t. Let’s get started.

For more Info: Flashing

This Guide Covers

  1. Finding your perfect ROM
  2. Download GApps
  3. Copying your Custom ROM and GApps to device
  4. Opening Recovery mode
  5. Installing Custom ROM

You will be needing

  1. Bootloader Unlocked
  2. Custom Recovery
  3. Custom ROM
  4. GApps
  5. Android Device

Okay, let’s get right into it.

Finding your perfect ROM

This is very important to choose and this will be the cause you are flashing a new custom ROM on your device. Just think why you are flashing a ROM; Do you need new and updated Features? Want Extended Battery Life? Want to add some more Functionality? or What do you need in your New ROM?

There are a whole lot of Custom ROMs out there (maybe less, depending on your device) so, Don’t choose one depending on popularity. Depending on your Factors you would be needing to sacrifice some Battery life. So, choose wisely or you’ll end up with more functional and less battery life or something like that.

Depending on your device manufacturers like One plus(Most Popular for Custom ROMs), Samsung and your device model number you might be getting more or less ROMs. For Example, Oneplus 3 might be having more custom ROMs while Oppo Don’t.

  1. So check your device Model number
  2. Search for it’s ROMs online (Most Probably you will find one in XDA)
  3. When you find one Download .zip file(Don’t Unzip the file)

Download GApps

It’s a quite Simple One, You only need to download GApps directly from this link and you are good to go. But there are quite a lot of versions for you to choose from.

What are GApps?QF

For Downloading them Head over to Open GApps Project. Here’s what you should do.

  1. Go Open GApps Project
  2. Select the Version of your Android OS
  3. Click on the variant you want to download
  4. Proceed to Download

That’s it you have got two .zip files which are the core files to the installation.

Copying your Custom ROM and GApps to device

Once you have your Custom ROM and GApps downloaded you are good to go. If you have downloaded them on your PC then copy them over to your Android device or sd card.

Once you have your files on the device then Open your file manager and Copy those files to Download folder or Something like that which will be easy to navigate.(Optional)

Opening Recovery mode

It’s time to check your recovery mode. Yeah, there are many Recovery modes like TWRP and Clockwork Mod recovery etc. so we will be doing with these two.Follow these steps For Checking which recovery mode you are rocking.

  1. Go to Settings app
  2. Scroll down and click on About Phone
  3. Then Click on your device Model number tab for about 7-8 times
  4. Then you might see a caption telling Now you are a developer
  5. Now go back and Just above About Phone you will see Developer Options
  6. Scroll and Click on the Advanced Reboot on

What Actually Advanced Reboot does is it gives you some Reboot Options available for your device.

  1. Then, Hold the Power button for few seconds
  2. Then a Dialog shows some options available such as Power off and restart etc.
  3. Click on Restart and Select Recovery Mode.

Installing Custom ROM

Here’s the finale. Once your Recovery mode is opened click on Wipe and System for a fail-proof install. What this actually does is delete your existing os which makes it impossible to interfere with your new ROM.

  1. Click on install
  2. Select your ROM File
  3. Swipe to install or click on install for respective Recovery modes
  4. After it shows success message click on delete Dalvik cache and cache
  5. And swipe or Click to Wipe

That’s done. And the only thing left is to enjoy the new experience of your phone. And often the Boot Animation changes with the ROM that you installed. First Boot takes up to 3-5times more than the normal boot.

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