How to troubleshoot Error 503 Service Unavailable

Before we might start troubleshooting the Error 503, let’s check out how you have gotten into it.

How you might face Error 503

This means that the website you want to access is under maintenance or the server (service provider) is experiencing Downtime or exceeded traffic.

When a website is to be set up on the internet it needs a web server or service provider, so there are many service providers out there with different pricing. We know, pricing is done by the perks and options we get.

One such feature is site Uptime. When we purchase a server we need to choose how much monthly visitors we get. In internet slang, we call it Traffic.

When the Traffic or active visitors is exceeding its limit then the server experiences downtime. Then we can’t expect to access the website because its server is down.

We got to see some of these Error Messages, which vary from server to server based on how it is set up. Some of the Common Error messages you might see are,

503 Service Unavailable 
Error 503 Service Unavailable 
503 Service Temporarily Unavailable 
HTTP Server Error 503 
503 Error HTTP 
503 DNS Failure

As this is a Server or HTTP Error this might appear regardless of which OS or which Web Browser you are using. You can see this error on any device which has the Internet connection.

Troubleshooting Error 503

Know that if you are facing Error 503 then there might be a problem with your device you are accessing the website and the server which is processing the website.

First, we need to figure out which one of these is causing the problem. Then it’ll we easy to troubleshoot or fix them.

Even if you Don’t figure out which one is causing problem We got your back covered, you can just try these following steps to fix Error 503.

Sometimes you can check the same website on other devices which would save the stress for you and if it loads then you can come to a conclusion that that’s an error of your device.

Refresh/Reload the website that you are currently trying to get access. Because sometimes your device might not receive the information or database from the server due to some technical issues.

So, Hitting F5  or Ctrl + R might help in most cases. If that’s a temporary error then it will be automatically resolved.

Try Restarting your Wifi modem or provider. Off the Wifi Modem and wait until all lights go off and then try plugging in again. Because sometimes even though you are connected to the internet, you might not get internet access.

Restarting might help you resolve this.

Try checking if you are connected to a Proxy server. If you are connected to a proxy server by any chance you might not access the internet even if everything works fine with your connection.
Then try disabling it and also check if your system firewall is blocking the website you want to access.

Even after this, nothing works then try these steps, You might want to contact the Webmaster or Website administrator. He might try resolving them by clearing any issues with the servers.

This wouldn’t be a terrible idea if he knows how to resolve Error 503. If it’s like any info or download links he might help in providing that, So this would be a good try.

Last but not least,

Try to check this Hashtag #Websitedown on twitter. If the website you are requesting is popular, you might find some useful information from the Webmasters.

So, come back later for checking.


If it’s the last reason you are struggling with then try searching online for more info and get updated on the status.

If you got Error 503 when you are making any purchase then don’t try these steps which may fail the transaction and refreshing would be the worst to do because it will Retry again and again which would leave you at (Dead end :’) end of transactions per day.


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