How to Disable/Enable startup Apps in Windows

Have you ever wondered why some applications start automatically when you start your System? Assuming that your Computer is not running High-performance processor and RAM things get pretty clumsy.

Thing is that some startup apps can make your Computer take more time to respond than usual and in worst cases, it can put enough strain on the processor to hang or completely freeze. Many system apps start on startup but I am not talking about them; some apps like Adobe Creative Cloud, Team Viewer or Something like Torrent Clients is automatically set to start on startup which put some stress at the startup.

Not without your permission but remember that Privacy policy and ticked permission to start on startup while you are installing that software?

Task Manager Windows 10 Startup apps

Okay, That aside how to disable Applications during the startup?

Let’s get started without any further ado

  1. Open Task Manager by Searching the app in the start menu or just press Ctrl+Shift+Esc
  2. On the top Navigation Bar click on Startup which is beside Performance
  3. Here it also shows How much your last BIOS took
  4. Select the app you want to disable the access to start on Startup
  5. Click on Disable
  6. If you have an Application you want to Enable on Startup then Click on Enable option.

That is it! You have done it. Have you ever thought that there is this simple method to the madness you are suffering from?
But be sure that you are not disabling some essential System software. Unless you do that everything is fine.

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