Best Lightweight ‘Non-Commitment’ games to relieve your stress

Games these days are very popular as they ever have been. As the number of gaming enthusiasts increased the types of games and concepts are becoming more varied and diverse. Which is a very good thing that anyone can find a game to their specific likening.

One of the main causes that games doesn’t go out of the trend is that they are very entertaining and knowledgeable at the same time. There are so many games which are so intense that it may as well occupy your mind while not playing it.

If you have experienced this before then kudos for the game developer, for making the game so immersive. Being hooked up to a game and not able to concentrate on other things is an addiction and no one of us would want that.

Today we are going to go through some of my favorite games which are very light and help you relive some stress or kill some extra time.

ZigZag by Ketchapp

This is one the games which I was playing from a long time. It’s immersive while you play it and doesn’t require much of that mental attention while you are not playing it. One of the perfectly designed time killers.

Nothing much competitive about this game, you try to beat your own high score. This also improves you cognitive mind reflexes which means you respond faster to what you see (Simply improves your fingers responses).

Ketchapp game studios happens to be one of my favorites and I really like their games. Their all games are completely fitting for this title. Some other games which I like from Ketchapp

Stick Hero by Ketchapp

This would be my first game by this developer. The concept is really simple and innovative. You simply make an approximation of the length of a stick to make a bridge to progress further and further.. The gameplay is very smooth and makes you to keep pressing that play again button.

Jelly Jump by Ketchapp

I claim myself as to basically complete this game as I have unlocked so many if not all characters or Jelly Figurines as to my time of playing it. At one point my dad too said that he liked the game, which is very rare to hear. The point with these games is that you have nothing much to lose even if you fail once as they seem very easy to play, so they don’t cause any stress at all.


2048 is a very mild puzzle, as the concept is very simple that you have to keep adding the same digits, Squares of 2 actually to reach 2048 and when you do, You win! Even though it may look easy, it will take some tries to completely figure out an efficient way to complete the game.

I didn’t mention the developer name as there are many developers developing the exact same game. But for me I always like 2048 Original developed by Androbaby, also seems to have the highest installs and best reviews.

Mekorama by Martin Magni

I think any puzzle games list wouldn’t be completed without adding Mekorama. The concept behind this game is very simple and instructions are given as we go through the levels. I personally admire the animation and design of the whole game. It’s way too cute. And this game contains no ads and in-app purchases while you can donate to the developer with how much you like.

I absolutely love the game.

Sky Rusher by Voodoo

I didn’t really like the games which I have tried earlier from this developer but trust me on this game, you will really like this, Until the game gets really difficult to progress but you can if you really try.

I completed 20+ levels in one sitting. Which is really surprising not that I completed them but actually played the game for that amount of time. Like every game, it too has unlockables which don’t bring any considerable changes to performance to the game. Actually, the default one works better in that way.

In any way it was worth a shot at playing.

∞ Infinity Loop by ∞ Infinity Games

Don’t let that double infinity in the title bother you. It’s one of the games which you will be proud that you are actually playing them. There are literally endless levels to can try to beat. You will be presented with a layer of loops which are not perfectly connected and you don’t know how it will look if it was even finished.

So feed some uncertainty and logic to your brain and most importantly have fun. There are some really interesting games which are similar in concept to these games give them a try

  • ∞ Infinity Loop: ENERGY
  • ▲ SHAPES: Best works with headphones on
  • ∞ Infinity Loop: HEX (My new favorite)

Alto’s Adventure by Noodlecake Studios Inc

You might have already played this game or not? Anyway, Alto’s Adventure is a very simple game with beautiful and consistent animation. Take a ride in cold weather where you will see some llamas running along with you. Maybe a Police are waiting to arrest you or some mystical magic skills which enhance your abilities and don’t forget to make some stunt montages, while you are at it. 

And one more thing here’s this games’ cousin Alto’s Odyssey. I really have a great feeling that you will like this as well if you liked the older one. Both of these games are Playstores’ Editor’s Choice🔷.

Will Update more, when I find, No REMEMBER more games which I already played.

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