Best Free Code Editors for Programmers and Web Developers

This is our First Essential Series and we are going to dedicate this to Developers, Creators and Designers out there who are making the web a better and Interesting place. Essential code editors for Professional Coders(they know very well) but if you are on the starting line then this would be a great guide to choosing Best which fits your purpose.

Okay, we are not going to rank anything but, It’s quite a showdown of Code Editors.

  • Design and Interface
  • Performance
  • Plugins and Community Support
  • Bug fixes and Updates

These are the four factors the following code editors are based on. For this, I have used web resources to search and this is based on suggestions I got from quite a few coders to make sure everything is lined up perfectly.

Actually, I thought of adding another factor Affordability but every pick(Nearly) is free for users, So skipped that one. Many of these code editors are open sourced and can be edited to your personal preference.

Without Further ado let’s get started


Atom is Open sourced “Hackable” Code Editor as Marketed, is a free-to-use editor made by folks at Github. If you would ask me what is the best thing about Atom then my answer would be its Outstanding Github Community and a Whooping total of 7,216 Packages (at the time of writing this) which comes very handy in improving functionality and appearance customization (to add a bit of your own style).

  • It has a tree view File System browser and Fuzzy file finder(A fancy name for file finder) to easily navigate to that piece of code you are looking for.
  • Screen Split to use multiple panes of code alongside each other which increases productivity.
  • It is Highly Customizable for a Code Editor with an absolutely great choice in UI.
  • Performance is quite satisfying and sleek. But Processing Large files isn’t Atom’s Forte.
  • Comes with an extra bit of features which can be enabled or disabled on choice.

Atom is quite fast in dealing with Bug fixes and Issues, Built by Github for no reason. As for the same reason, It has a great(Github) community to help you with. And Atom also comes with Auto Complete++ which comes handy if you use Atom frequently to write large amounts of code.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X

Sublime Text

Sublime Text is one of those Code editors which came to the industry long ago which means it had a very long time to improved and develop. Surprisingly out of all Editors many coders who I have asked said that Sublime finds their sweet spot. I really want to know if that’s because of the sophistication or Familiarity of the environment. Sublime is available in both free and premium version. But most of the premium features are available in free version also. Nothing probably noticeable has changed in the premium version.

  • Features like distraction-free writing mode, quick shortcuts give a free and sleek workflow.
  • Split editing comes handy and searching the resources is very easy using search commands.
  • Command Palate and python scripting which gives an ability to completely customize the editor which makes coding fast and efficient.
  • Very Beginner friendly with syntax detection and error highlighting.

The dark theme helps the coder code in a distraction-free environment.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X


Brackets is a new but sophisticated Code editor for anyone who is into HTML, Java or CSS. Because Brackets has a really helpful feature to preview the real-time changes and functionality. Which comes handy for web developers and sorts. This Code editor is particularly special despite its new arrival. Not to mention its developer is Adobe. But its pretty surprising that it is free for everyone and open sourced too

  • It has a pretty clean design. Particularly the UI is very well-crafted and deals with most the clutter when you code.
  • Performance is nothing to be worried about, It is fairly good enough to handle large files.
  • As it is from Adobe creative cloud just what you would expect from the helpful Adobe community with great people.
  • Although it is New in the business It is doing a great job in Fixing Issues and bugs. Plugins are added to the library every day.
  • It is available for all major Platforms like Mac, Windows and Linux.

Another Worthy mention feature of this Code Editor is Extract which directly extracts Colors, Fonts and gradients used in Other Adobe files like Photoshop and Illustrator to Ready-to-web CSS. Mainly Web Developers who have a taste in Adobe products might absolutely love Brackets.

These amazing features make Brackets a Wonderful and tough opponent for other Code Editors.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X


Notepad++ looks like any other text Editor but is an Essential tool for all Coders. Every coder I mean Everyone has met a point where they have to use Notepad++. This is a very Lightweight and User-friendly Code Editor. If anyone wants to start learning code I would suggest this as their first choice to choose from. The lightweight and Non-Overwhelming look of Notepad++ convinces the beginners to take their first move. It’s absolutely free and Open sourced.

  • It is based on an Editing Component called Scintilla by which means Notepad++ is totally based on C++.
  • Notepad++ ensures faster execution rates and less program file size.
  • At first, it looks like any other Notepad Program but is a powerful Code editor.
  • Performance is one in which Notepad++ shines. It is probably known as the Best text editor because of its speed.
  • Unlike many other Code Editors, it takes no time to highlight the errors.
  • Many plugins can be installed including the macros.

Notepad++ is the best choice for who want to code as a hobby and be very time efficient.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a relative New entry to World of Code Editors. This is an Open Sourced Code Editor which is developed by Microsoft. This is available for free. The best feature of this Editor is being Flexible yet Powerful.

  • Visual studio has a Packages Ecosystem similar to atom. Most of the essentials are preloaded from the start.
  • Unlike Atom, Visual Studio does better than Atom in performance and not pulling any lag.
  • Every feature like Git integration is pretty good and convenient to use.
  • It is very lightweight(unlike atom) and very fast which in performance is on par with Sublime.

Microsoft had done a great job working on the project like VSCode and Additional Languages presets are available from the start.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and OS X

If you have got any other Text Editors feel free to mention them in comments down below I will try to add them to the list.

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