Awesome YouTube tricks you will want to know

This is compilation time. Our tech journal is Re”listicle” anyway. We had a number of options to create this compilation on(Web is really an awesome place) but we chose YouTube Tricks because who doesn’t like Youtube? And these aren’t only funny but come handy many times if you use YouTube Frequently.

Folks at YouTube are very trying to make YouTube a better and fun place. These tricks are not advertised very often. Without any further ado let’s get started!

YouTube: Lean Back Viewers!

This is the one I recently found out. Many of us who has a Smart TV does know about their Responsive TV YouTube app and we like it don’t we? But who thought that YouTube would make it available in their Web Version too. Yes, you heard it right. The YouTube TV feature can be accessed by visiting following links. The main Usability advantage is that you can use the website without the help of a mouse; it is created to TVs after all! or

It’s Very Responsive and absolutely lag-free.



Feel Awesome

Yeah, YouTubers feel Awesome and share that Awesomeness. Open a video and Go fullscreen by clicking on the icon. and Type “AWESOME” and watch what happens.

May the Force be with You

We all know the whole Internet is hyped up about Starwars. This is based on StarWars: Force Awakens. Just go to YouTube and just Type “Use the force luke” in the search bar. You will be able to use the force with your mouse pointer.

Beam me up Scotty

Here’s one for Startrek Fans. As one on the top just type This “Beam me up scotty” in the Search Bar. You can see the magic happen.

The “doge meme”

This one is for all Meme lovers and colour lovers maybe. Just type “doge meme” in Search Bar. Everything turns colourful which looks cool if you wanted to see youtube in colour.

Just Do the Harlem Shake

This is like Reviving the Old Trends. Type “Do the Harlem shake” in the search bar and YouTube does what you expect it to do. It automatically plays the Harlem shake song and Beat drop is very well represented.

YouTube is now Darker

Now as we have seen many updates on YouTube Designs and YouTube thought it would be very handy to add a Dark Theme Feature. You can simply enable it by clicking on Profile Picture and Click on Dark Theme. And click Enable.

This enables access to your Good old YouTube with Dark Theme on it. Believe me, it looks Absolutely Awesome and Dark of course.

Video access Restricted in your country?

No problem if the content is restricted in your country for some reason just try this. All you have to do is, remove “watch?” from the URL, and replace the “v=” with “v/”. That’s it you are done! I tried not to mention this but, Assuming that you are 18+ this method also works for age restricted videos.

Want to download YouTube video Instantly?

Here we got you covered. Try adding ss to the URL before You will have several options to choose from like the resolution and audio files.

But don’t forget that Downloading music files is against Youtube Guidelines.

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